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Haws Garden Tools 2 Tool Gift Set (HGT021)

Haws 2 Tool Gift Set


Added: 16 September 2015

Haws Garden Tools - Stainless Steel Hand Fork

Stainless Steel Hand Fork


Added: 16 September 2014

Haws Garden Tools 3 Tool Gift Set (HGT022)

Haws 3 Tool Gift Set


Added: 16 September 2015

Haws Indoor Watering Kit - Graphite/Brass Mist Sprayer (556/B/GRA)

Haws Indoor Watering Kit


Added: 29 September 2011

Fuscia Haws 5 Litre Slimcan (501/FUS)

Haws 5 Litre Slimcan


Added: 2 April 2010

Haws 7 Litre Metal Seed, Feed & Bulb Caddy (9100)

Haws 7 Litre Metal Seed, Feed & Bulb Caddy


Added: 3 October 2011

Burgundy Haws 1.8 Litre Metal All Rounder Jug (9222/BUR)

Haws 1.8 Litre Metal All Rounder Jug


Added: 2 April 2010

Sapphire Haws 1 Litre Metal Indoor Watering Can (165/2/SAP)

Haws 1 Litre Metal Indoor Can


Added: 2 April 2010

Jobs to do in the garden

Look after birds in the cold weather

As the years marches on into November, the weather gets colder and wetter. So it's time to think about our feathered friends in the garden.

Birds need water to survive, not just to drink but for bathing too. Therefore they require a good source of fresh, clean water. A birdbath is just the thing to give birds what they need to survive, and it will also bring birds to your garden who wouldn't be attracted by bird feeders. There are lots of different kinds on the market, but look for one that mimics a birds natural environment, one that won't crack or break in the freezing winter weather. You could even make your own using a shallow dish or bowl and sinking it into the ground. It is a good idea to add some sand in the bottom so the birds can get a sure footing, and also to have some method for them to drink without getting wet, perhaps by the use of stones, twigs or branches of nearby plants.

Remember to keep your bath from freezing over, either by means of a heater (available from good garden centres) or by clearing the ice yourself. Replace the water every couple of days to keep it fresh and clean too, especially if green algae starts to form.

Follow these few tips and your garden will soon become a haven for all kinds of birdlife!

November in the garden

It may be winter but there is still plenty to be done in the garden. November is the perfect time of year for moving and planting tress and shrubs. And it is also ideal time to be clearing dead foliage from borders, pruning hedges and trees and cutting back overgrown plants. Rake up fallen leaves and add them to your compost bin, you'll be thankful of the compost next spring.

Now the nights are darker earlier and the cold is nipping at your bones you can be sure you are feeling the cold but don't forget your plants are too! So it is the time of year to be protecting those tender outdoor plants from wind and frost. Don't stop there, you may wish to move some of your plants from the conservatory to a warmer room for the winter as well.

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