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General Purpose Leather Glove - Haws Heritage Leatherware

General Purpose Leather Glove


Added: 19 November 2013

VegTrug XL Shed - Stylish wooden mid-sized garden shed

VegTrug XL Shed


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Storage Box - Stylish wooden garden storage box

VegTrug Storage Box


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Wallhugger Medium - Narrow self-contained raised vegetable garden in 2 s

VegTrug Wallhugger


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Poppy - Colourful foldaway planter

VegTrug Poppy


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Sentry Shed - Stylish wooden garden storage shed

VegTrug Sentry Shed


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Aluminium - Contemporary self-contained metal raised vegetable garden

VegTrug Aluminium


Added: 1 November 2013

VegTrug Medium - Self-contained raised vegetable garden



Added: 1 November 2013

Jobs to do in the garden

Spring has arrived (nearly!)

With the clocks going forward and the extra daylight suddenly most of us want to be out in the garden again!

There is much to be done during April in preparation for the flowering season, so plan your gardening jobs well. The increased warmth and light brings an explosion of growth to the garden and with the unpredictable weather you should make the most of dry spells and get your seeds sown when you can.

This is the month to give the garden a good feed, just as the growing season kicks in. Digging in home-made compost or a fertiliser such as blood, fish and bone is a good idea for shrubs and trees. Your lawn will benefit from a feed, as well as a first cut if you haven't already done so.

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